Bambino Mio Mioduo nappy cover

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The award-winning Bambino Mio nappy cover is soft and gentle against your baby's skin. Thanks to the stretchy PUL material, it is also suitable for the most active child.

With the easy-to-close velcro fastenings, the covers are as easy to use as disposable nappies. Special laundry tabs protect your covers when washing and they dry really quick. Double elasticated leg cuffs and waist gives you the ultimate leak protection.

There is no need to change the cover every time you change the nappy, just wipe it clean and add a new insert.

The Bambino Mio nappy cover is intended for use with Mioduo pre-folded nappy inserts, but it is also suitable for use with inserts from other manufacturers.


Size 1: <9 kg

Size 2: 9 kg +

Maintenance: Wash at temperatures up to 60℃. Recommended washing temperature 40℃. It is worth remembering that constant 60℃ washing can damage cloth nappies.

  • Close the velcro fastening;
  • Do not use bleach, fabric softener or vinegar;
  • Do not use detergents containing enzymes;
  • Prewash dirty nappies 30/40℃;
  • Store dirty nappies for a maximum of 2-3 days.


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