Bright Bots potty training pants

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Reusable potty training pants are designed to prevent small "accidents". The surface of the trousers is covered with an absorbent cotton terry layer, which hides under it a waterproof PUL layer. The pants help to promote independence for your toddler as they look and feel like big-kid pants and it is comfortable for the child to pull them up and down.


S: 12-18 months, length 84 cm, belt 52 cm, 12 kg

M: 1.5-2 years, length 92 cm, belt 53 cm, 14 kg

L: 2-2.5 years, length 100 cm, belt 54 cm, 16 kg

XL: 3-4 years old, length 108 cm, belt 55 cm, 18 kg

If you are in doubt about size, please choose a larger size.

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