Disana knitted tie on nappy

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disana knitted tie on nappy is suitable for use from birth to potty

It is made of stretchy knitted organic cotton fabric that follows every movement of the baby, holding the diaper in place even if your baby is a really good wiggler.

The size can be adjusted by folding down the back of the nappy.

The absorbency of the nappy can be increased by combining it with bamboo, cotton or hemp inserts. Regular, rectangular and pre-folded inserts are suitable.

The nappy needs a waterproof cover, use it with disana merino wool pants or some larger nappy cover.

Care: Before using for the first time, wash the nappy a few times to increase its absorbency. The nappy can be machine washed at 60 - 90℃. Do not use chlorine containing detergents. Dry on a cord or in a tumble dryer at low temperature. Before washing, fasten the straps so that they do not get knotted in the laundry.

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