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Ecoegg® bamboo reusable kitchen towel is a great replacement for household paper.

It is made of 90% bamboo fiber, is strong and durable and effectively absorbs liquids. You can use one towel reapeatedly for atleast 85 times, so a whole roll gives you a total of 1700 uses. The sales packaging is also made of paper, so this product is completely plastic-free.

You can use this towel to wipe up spilled liquids, dry various surfaces, or wipe off dust. After use, simply throw them in the washing machine and they are ready for use again. 

How does itr work? 

If you throw away the normal household paper after removing it from the roll and using it, you can machine wash it at 40 and then use it again. With each wash, they become even softer.

Ecoegg® bamboo reusable kitchen paper is made of 90% bamboo fiber and 10% corn starch PLA. Bamboo is one of the strongest and at the same time better absorbent fabrics.

Why replace plain kitchen paper with recyclable paper? 

Reusable kitchen paper saves both the environment and your money. It is convenient to use because it never runs out at home, and you can also avoid buying disposable household paper wrapped in film.

Material: 90% bamboo fiber, 10% PLA (industrial compostable bioplastic) made from corn starch.

Care: Wash at temperatures up to 40℃.

Quantity: 20 sheets per roll.


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