Eureka!Cup® Intimate Cleaner 150 ml

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Add extra cleaning in your Eureka!Cup® or Pelvic Balls®

Step by step:

  • Wash the product with water and optionally with mild soap
  • Once dry, apply the cleaner and rub the product
  • Rinse again and… you have your product clean

Remember: it is not a substitute for sterilization that must be performed before using Eureka!Cup® on the first day of bleeding. For this you can use our sterilizer.

*IMPORTANT: Once the spray has been applied, rinse later with water.

Ingredients: aqua, decyl glucoside, propylene glycol, peg-7, glyceryl cocoate, cocoamidopropylbetaine, benzalkonium chloride, disodium edta, parfum, benzyl alcohol, citric acid. Contains no alcohol.

Amount 150 ml.


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