Kerale toothpaste tablets without fluoride - 120 pcs

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Kerale peppermint toothpaste tablets are a friendly alternative to your teeth and the environment. The tablets are foamier than average, creating a familiar toothpaste-like washing experience and leaving the mouth pleasantly fresh. Just chew the tablet until it starts to foam, wash with a wet brush and rinse your mouth thoroughly.

Pack of 120 tablets (approx. 40g), 1 person's 2-month supply. Close the package properly to ensure freshness.

Ingredients: sorbitol, calcium carbonate, kaolin, sodium bicarbonate, sodium lauryl sarcosinate, hydrated silica, maltodextrin, yeast extract, magnesium stearate, mint oil, menthol, menthol, stevioside. Not suitable for small children. 

Free of preservatives, binders, aluminum or nanoparticles. Use within 12 months after opening. Made in the UK. Importer: Fragaria Vesca OÜ


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