Kokos natural toothpowder for everyday use. Refill (120 ml)

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2 times the filling amount for the tooth powder tin cup.

  • 100% natural, all ingredients are food grade and vegan;
  • Calcium carbonate (chalk) cleanses and helps remove tooth imperfections through remineralization;
  • Raw cocoa is the most powerful superfood, it contains a large amount of minerals necessary for the body. An important ingredient is THEOBROMINE, which has an effect comparable to fluoride - strengthens and protects tooth enamel, remineralizing micro cracks and injuries in the tooth;
  • Xylitol (made from birch wood) greatly prevents tooth decay and freshens breath;
  • Nettle and green tea powders cleanse and prevent gum disease and inflammation;
  • Clove powder has strong antibacterial properties, stimulates circulation in gums and soothes sensitive teeth.


Usage: Dip a clean wet toothbrush into the powder. Brush for 2 minutes, then rinse. Recommended to use 2 times a day, morning and evening.

The powder is safe if swallowed and is also suitable for children.

Ingredients: Calcium Carbonate, Theobroma Cacao (raw cocoa), Xylitol, Urtica Dioica (nettle), Eugenia Caryophyllus (clove), Mentha Piperita (mint) Leaf Oil.

Quantity: 120 ml.




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