LittleLamb nappy fasteners (3 pcs)

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 LittleLamb Nappy Fasteners are a safe alternative to a nappy pin. They are perfect to use on our nippa nappies and muslin squares and other towelling nappies. 

This pack contains 3 nappy fasteners.

How to use your nappy fastener:

1) Hook one side of your fastener to the nappy just above one leg whilst holding the nappy in place.

2) Stretch your fastener across to the other side and hook onto the fabric above the other leg.

3) Pull your fastener down to catch on the fabric between the legs creating a Y shape.

Now the nappy is secured in a safe and well balanced manner providing a high degree of containment without the risk of baby being poked by pins.

Your Nappy Fastener can be washed with warm water and will last for years.



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