Natural Play Dough White

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MICI soft play dough/plasticine is for playing and educational activities. Playing with the dough helps to improve child's fine motor skills which help develop important abilities such as feeding themselves, grasping objects, talking and writing. 

MICI plasticine complements perfectly to the shelves of children's kitchens and it can be used for creative and educational activities like making numbers, letters or fun shapes and also for learning colors.

MICI plasticine smells great - feel the smell of vanilla and you'll love it!

Ingredients: wheat flour, salt, water, vegetable oil, monopotassium tartrate (a stabilizer used in confectionery), food coloring and vanillin. Play dough is exclusively made from food ingredients, but it's NOT EDIBLE!

Colors: light blue, orange, green.

Quantity: 120 grams.

The product is made in Latvia. Suitable for children 3+ years.

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