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Auhinnatud OrganiCup on pehmest, allergiavabast silikoonist valmistatud menstruaalanum. Suurepärane asendus ühekordsetele tampoonidele ja sidemetele. 100% BPA, lateksi, lõhna- ja värvainete vaba. Lihtsam, tervislikum ja parem valik sinu kehale.

OrganiCup mentruaalanumat saab kasutada kuni 12 tundi järjest ning see mahutab umbes kolme XL tampooni jagu vedelikku. Unusta menstruatsioon nii päeval kui öösel!


The award-winning OrganiCup is a menstrual cup made of soft, allergy-free silicone. An excellent replacement for disposable tampons and sanitary pads. 100% BPA, latex, fragrance and color free. An easier, healthier and better choice for your body.

The OrganiCup menstrual cup can be used for up to 12 hours in a row and it holds approximately as much fluid as three XL tampons. Forget menstruation at day and night!

By using the OrganiCup menstrual cup, you save money and help preserve nature. The average woman uses 11,000 snaitary pads or tampons in her lifetime. OrganiCup is 30 grams of waste instead of 30 kilograms!

Nine out of ten women will use a menstrual cup after the first try.

The OrganiCup menstrual cup can also be used with an intrauterine contraceptive.

The product comes with an organic cotton bag for storing it.

OrganiCup is available in 3 sizes:

Size MINI - for teenage girls or women who need a smaller size.

Size A - for womn who haven't given birth.

Size B - for women who have given birth vaginally.

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