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OrganiWash is a two-in-one intimate wash gel that you can use to wash yourself and your menstrual cup before inserting it into the vagina and after emptying it. The intimate wash gel contains lactic acid, which helps to balance the pH level of the intimate area.

OrganiWash contains organic and natural components, it is a fragrance-free, vegan product that does not cause allergies and is suitable for all skin types. The tube contains 75 ml.

We recommend using OrganiWipes in places where there is no access to running water.

How to use it for wahsing the menstrual cup: Use a small drop of OrganiWash to wash your hands and the menstrual cup before and after using the cup.

How to use for intimate area washing: Pour a small amount of OrganiWashi on your hand, apply to the external genitals and rinse. You can even wash your face with the gel!

Ingredients: Aqua (Solvent), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (Skin moisturiser), Sodium Coco Sulfate (Detergent), Cocami-dopropyl Betaine (Detergent), Propa-nediol (Detergent), Decyl Glucoside (Skin moisturiser), Sodium Chloride (Viscosity stabiliser), Glycerin (Skin moisturiser), Sodium Levulinate (Skin moisturiser), Sodium Anisate (Skin moisturiser), Citric Acid (pH stabiliser), Lactic Acid (pH stabiliser).

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Auhinnatud OrganiCup on pehmest, allergiavabast silikoonist valmistatud menstruaalanum. Suurepärane asendus ühekordsetele tampoonidele ja sidemetele. 100% BPA, lateksi, lõhna- ja värvainete vaba. Lihtsam, tervislikum ja parem valik sinu kehale.

OrganiCup mentruaalanumat saab kasutada kuni 12 tundi järjest ning see mahutab umbes kolme XL tampooni jagu vedelikku. Unusta menstruatsioon nii päeval kui öösel!

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