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Snappi clips are used to attach prefolded or square nappies. The elastic clip keeps the nappy in place and helps to prevent leaks. Nappy clips can be washed by hand with warm water.

Before first use, stretch the clip in all directions. When attaching, hold the clip all the way, not just the ends.

How to use:

1) Hold the nappy in place with one hand and attach one side of the clip to the fabric above the baby's foot with the other hand.

2) Tighten the other end of the clip towards the other leg and attach it to the fabric.

3) Pull the clip down and attach the lower part of the clip to the fabric between the legs so that a Y-shape is formed.

Dimensions: 13-14 cm / from birth - 18 months.

NB! Do not leave the clip unattended by an adult. Keep unused clips out of the reach of children. Always use a nappy cover on the clip and make sure that the child cannot open the clip themselves. The clip is not a toy, the ends of the clip are sharp.



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